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Top 5 flat irons

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Flat irons need to be a lot of things, but above all, they have to be safe for the user’s hair. We’re committed to helping prospective buyers get the best there is on the market, which is why we’ve done an extensive research in regards to the best flat iron money can buy. After looking at owner feedback and review sites, as well as social media activity and sales figures, we’ve come to a safe conclusion. All things considered, the HSI Professional 1 is the top rated flat iron anyone can afford. It’s relatively inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less capable of what it’s supposed to do. For that matter, it is among the most versatile units out there, as its temperature can be adjusted by the needs of the user. This allows buyers to utilize it on various types of hair. The plates of the HSI Professional 1 are made with ceramic and tourmaline, which are both known to protect the buyer’s hair. Considering that it is economical and safe to use, the HSI Professional 1 might oftentimes be out of stock. If this is the case, we recommend having a look at the CHI Original Pro, which is the second best option we’ve come across.



Expert buying guide on flat irons


Best flat iron 2016

Hair Type

According to the flat iron reviews your hair type will help you decide which temperature settings are right for you. Flat irons can have a range of heat settings, and you want to be careful not to damage your hair. Flat irons that are capable of reaching 400 degrees or higher are designed to effectively straighten thick or curly hair, and often feature adjustable settings. Models that only reach 200 degrees are best suited for hair that is extremely fine or already damaged. In most cases a professional flat iron while include all of the temperature settings you need to straighten without damaging your hair.




The top flat irons for 2017 will dry and straighten your hair, while also sealing in moisture. This gives you the sleek style you want, along with healthy, shiny hair. There are several different types of materials used in flat irons, and each is designed for a specific hair type. Ceramic flat irons will give you long lasting sleek, straight hair, and can also improve the health of the follicle to promote thicker growth. Ionic technology not only dries your hair, it also locks in moisture to prevent embarrassing frizz. These flat irons are not only effective, but can also improve the appearance of your hair.

Some flat irons use a slower infrared technology, which is ideal for gently straightening damaged hair. Flat irons with tourmaline or titanium are often combined with ceramic models so you can quickly dry and straighten your hair, without causing damage. There are also higher priced flat irons that use nano particles to increase the drying and straightening times, and are ideal if you frequently find yourself rushing to get ready.



Best flat irons of 2017 compared

ModelPricePlate materialsExtra featuresOur ratingWhere to buy:
HSI Professional 1
$$Ceramic TourmalineHeat resistant glove, pouch and Argan Oil leave-in hair treatment
CHI Original Pro
$$$Ceramic TourmalinenoAAmazon
Redken & Rowenta Salon
Redken Rowenta Steam Straightening Iron
$$$$Ceramic TourmalineSteam InfusionB+Amazon
Conair Infiniti Pro
Infiniti Pro by Conair
$$$Nano Silver Tourmaline CeramicSteam infusion, heat instrument caseBAmazon
Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline
Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline
$$Ceramic TourmalineCarrying caseC+Amazon




The size of the flat iron refers to the size of the plates, which are used to straighten your hair. There are several different sizes available, and your hair will also help you determine which one is right for you. There are two metal plates on a flat iron, and you want to pay particular attention to the width. Wider plates are ideal for long or thicker sections, and are designed to straighten more hair at once. Narrow plates not only let you get closer to your scalp to control shorter hairs, but can also be used to create fun curls. The length of the plates should also be considered, and you want to ensure that it is comfortable for you to use.




The best flat iron of 2017 will also include all of the features you need to create sleek, smooth hairstyles. Some flat irons include protective mats or stands to prevent the device from burning your counter, while other models can simply be clipped to the edge for convenient access. Included carrying bags not only make storage easy, it can also prevent the flat iron from burning anything if it is put away hot. Other flat irons also include fixed or adjustable brushes, along with functions that automatically power off if it is left unattended.



Select a top model…


Buying one of the best flat irons in 2017 is a tricky thing to do, particularly nowadays, when the market’s filled with new and improved models. For your consideration, we’ve selected three of the most acclaimed units out there, which have gathered the appreciation of many worldwide and American customers.



HSI Professional 1


1. HSI PROFESSIONAL 1 CERAMICHSI Professional has been manufacturing hair straighteners for many years now, during which the brand has acquired a withstanding reputation. This unit is great to use both for curly hair and for straight hair. It’s capable of transforming frizzy hair into sleek locks.

One of the most important features to look for in a flat iron is the adjustable temperature. The one of this model can be customized between 240F and 410F, which means that it speaks to the needs of pretty much all hair types.

The 1-inch plates are made of a combination between ceramic and tourmaline, which protect the follicle.

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CHI Original Pro


CHI ORIGINAL PROThis is a ceramic unit that’s known to leave hair looking silky and shiny. The model can be utilized for anything from flipping, curling and waving, as well as for straightening. Buyers can opt for any of the following color variants: fire red, lavender mist, midnight violet, onyx black, professional black, pure pink and true teal.

According to many buyers, this is a 100% original product that works great for frizzy hair. Some customers have emphasized that the unit has a day-long effect although the operation generally lasts around 15 minutes.

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Redken & Rowenta Salon


Redken Rowenta Steam Straightening IronAlthough not so affordable as the models showcased above, this Redken Rowenta unit is one of the most popular ones out there. That doesn’t come as a surprise, since it’s a flat iron with steam, known for providing a continuous steam flow. The plates are coated with a highly anodised material, which is capable of providing excellent shine to any type of hair.

The temperature of this model can be adjusted between 340F and 410F.

Over 75% of the people who have purchased this model have provided 5-star ratings, which brings us to the conclusion that this Redken Rowenta has gathered some of the best flat iron reviews.

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Conair Infiniti Pro


Infiniti Pro by ConairAs is the case with the previously described Redken Rowenta, this one is a steam straightening and curling iron. It’s great for infusing hair with moisture and for detangling locks as gently as possible. The neat thing about this one is that it comes with a removable water reservoir. The package includes retractable combs.

When it comes to convenience, this one’s a winner, as it takes only 30 seconds to heat the unit up.

The nano silver tourmaline ceramic coated plates are durable and easy on the user’s hair. Cleaning the plates with a damp cloth is recommended after every use.

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Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline


Gurin Ceramic TourmalineWe’ve saved this model for the last because it can be a little out of the budget of some people. Normally, the unit costs around a couple hundred bucks, but online retailers such as Amazon usually sell it for half the price. This is a professional hair straightener, of which the plates are coated with a combination of tourmaline and ceramic.

The temperature of this unit can be adjusted between 240F and 450F.

The model does not have dual voltage, which means that for the time being, it can be utilized strictly by US customers.

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